In 2019 I took a considerable leap along my heroes journey. Whilst I had a good career in the Financial Industry, it didn’t align with why I feel I’m here.

When I received an opportunity to pursue my passions in October 2018, it gave me cause for some serious soul searching. Who am I? Why am I here? How is it I can best be of service to humanity? As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Recent times have brought many great teachers to me. Not least of these is David Key.

David is a CEO, Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Author, Most Inspirational Life Coach of the Year 2018, Transformative Coach, Principles Teacher, NLP Trainer and Master Trainer of Hypnosis. Now he is teaching a new understanding in psychology – The Three Principles. Through coaches like David, it has the power to transform the world.

I joined the Ultimate Coach Programme this year, and it feels like a home-coming. Coaching aligns so much with my life purpose of communication, healing and teaching. In October 2019, I was delighted to accept David’s invitation to begin the Ultimate Apprentice Programme. A new adventure begins!